Love Lives
In Play

These children live on a small island in a sea of sand, rarely meeting anyone outside their community of approximately 300 people. Yet, they are as joyful, open and fun-loving as children elsewhere. Uncorrupted by the demands and compromises of adulthood and the outer world, they exist in another sphere.

Children are natural connectors, learning about the world and their place in it through play. They are symbols of hope and beacons of light in a weary world. They have not yet learned to develop prejudices; these children see the “other” as just another playmate in the endless game of life. They love unreservedly, without guile. Their natural impulse is to extend the hand of kindness.

Love Lives in Play is a series within the Love Lives Inside Project, encouraging over 300 subjects to close their eyes and connect with the universal and binding reality of love.