Love is the invisible
forcefield that binds us all.

Love Lives Inside is a photographic research that captures the moment when strangers think about someone—or something—they love the most in the world. The moment when they turn gaze inward to reveal a part of themselves. The moment when everyone closes their eyes and connects with the universal and binding reality of love.

Close your eyes.
Open your heart.

The modern world is losing sight of what love is. The warmth and complexity of human interaction are being replaced with binary signals and narcissistic displays of power and wealth, making it harder for us to experience true love. Yet simple acts of kindness bring us back to the power of love. And where there is love, there is life, creativity, and possibility. Humankind has the unique ability to cultivate kindness, to imagine a better world—a world where people can close their eyes and bring love into focus.

A story about love.
And humans.

This project aims to cultivate what matters most in life: loving-kindness. Love is the active nurturing of spiritual growth. Giving and receiving kindness lets us tap into the forcefield of human connection, providing us with feelings of security, inclusion, and belonging. 

Phd Degree

Gerrit Academie, Amsterdam

Bachelor Degree
Gerrit Academie, Amsterdam
Applied Arts

Toronto, 2020. Canada


Amsterdam, 2020. Netherlands